Age of Aquarius

by Villagers of Ioannina City

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P V Album of the year right here. Favorite track: Dance of Night.
Brian Genxer
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Brian Genxer I have not stopped listening to this since I bought it. Rich vocals, complex and textured melody from excellent guitars make this album the best that VIC have made ever. VIC have truly come of age. Count this Kiwi a firm fan of a great band with a shed load of talent on offer. This is THE best album I have bought so far. Favorite track: Father Sun.
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knutepanhead The thing I really love about this record is how trippy and psychedelic it feels. I also love the riffage. Nice driving guitars. They sound like a band that would be great live. It is currently my favorite release. Don't know much about them but I love them! I'd have to say "Welcome/Age Of Aquarius" is my favorite track. I love the slow build-up into the crunching riffs. Great, great music. Favorite track: Welcome.
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released September 20, 2019

Produced by VIC and Asteris Partalios
Recorded by Asteris Partalios at Magnanimous Studio, Thessaloniki, GR
Mixed by Keith Armstrong at Pietown Sound, Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Justin Shturtz at Sterling Sound, Nashville TN

Cover art by Fotis Varthis
Cover editing by Graphic no Jutsu

Copyright: Mantra Records 2019


all rights reserved



VIC Greece

V.I.C (Villagers of Ioannina City) is an experimental psychedelic/rock band from Ioannina City (Greece). They play a kind of post rock with a big dose of greek-folk traditional music from Epirus. .

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Track Name: Welcome
Welcome, to a new age
Here comes the ray of Sun

Welcome to a new Age
fullness of time has come

Look at the stars
look at the signs
this is the start of something new
the Age of Aquarius

Here comes the Sun
glorius one
this is the start of new life
flooding has begun
Track Name: Age of Aquarius
Stay close to the river and cry
and the river's gonna feel you're the god of rain
he's gonna worship you like god and creator for ages
And all the fairies of the forest will come
the wanna so you to the dance of night
this is the Age of Aquarius

I'm coming out of river
breathing out, I'm finally reborn

Rain is falling to the shore
dawn is coming, the night is almost gone

I came from where the Leo is rising
I've travelled through the space for so long
A forest nymph is calling for me
come along and I will guide where to go

Age of aquarius

We ran to the mountain
We've found an ancient temple with my name
Then she bowed and said these words
we were waiting here a thousand years for you

Now you must do something
to bring the light
Now you must do something
to change the world

Age of Aquarius
Returning again to mother earth
to set the fire and rain
I'm turning again the circles of time
to bring the Sun back again
Track Name: Part V
Alone tonight, sitting in the candlelight
thinking again, of all my life and the words unsaid
you know i'm deeply repent

Walking around the streets of my family house
remembering again, of all my childhood and the dreams we've shared
my childhood came into an end

Time flies in circles and rerun
so fast, but time is an illusion and it bends
now it makes so much sense

And all those dreams in daytime
searching for the light
the saints were calling me in the night
they told me everything is alright

The voices keep on calling me
they're screaming in my head, all this time
to find the answers and fare
they were always there
Thinking and thinking how to find my way
I'ma standing on the gate
walking and say goodbye
see you on the other side

I came for recreation
travelled through space and time
all over the ages
the planets aligned

I came for the salvation
of soul and spirit and mind
all over the changes
my body revived
Track Name: Dance of Night
Awe tonight
the birth of new child
has come back to life

Watch the sky
planets are alligned
the stars collide

Feel the thunder
that cosmic thunder
here's the water carrier

Set the pyre
lift your spirit higher
dance through the fire

Dancing around

Dance tonight
spring has arrived
nature has revived

The Earth is high
longing for His night
the world has thrived

Dance together
break that mental tether
make that one step further

All together
dance for his arrival
ride the holy spiral

Dancing around
moving in circles
till the point that we reach to the edge of
the age of Aquarius

Singing along
along with the angels
with all the spirits and animals
become one with the universe

The Sun has finaly come..
Thats the new beginning
open your eyes
Embrace the new beginning
open your eyes
Track Name: Father Sun
Look at the horizon
the Sun is reaching out
feel the air is changing
the light has finally come

Close your eyes and synchronize
with the voices of the past
Mother Earth is calling
calls for you to act

Always calling in for you
forever calling
never reaching you..

And I...To the Sun I pray...

Listen up my child
listen to my prayers
always look at the Sun
and keep reaching out

To the Sun I pray...

I came from the mountain
to wash away the fear
drank from the fountain
water crystal clear

I 'm the holy river
that rises from the past
came to deliver
and spread the golden dust

I'm the fire, I'm the rain
the air the seed, the dust
the golden grain

And I...
I 'm the Sun and Rain

Listen up my child
listen to my prayers
always look at the Sun
and keep reaching out
Track Name: Millennium Blues
Strange days are coming
stand up straight my son
All streets are burning
stand up straight my son

You have to remember
life is just a ride
The voice that is inside you
that should be your guide

No fear, stand up straight my son...

Can you remember
once you had a dream
All kids were shining
dancing with relief

No thurst nor hunger
touching the supreme
Dreams becoming real
as long as you believe

No fear, stand up straight my son...

We ain't going nowhere
we're gonna stand for what is right
Always together
fighting for freedom to change our lives

We are the dreamers
we 're going to change the world
We are the ember
we are the light of the world

New day is coming...
Track Name: Cosmic Soul
Heading to the Northern star
almost there
I'll be become a fire and rain
from the air

Diving to this sea of space
yearning for eternal grace
Bending throught the space and time
flying at the speed of light

Sailing to an open sea
I'm finally free
I am rising to the sky
like a sparkle in the night

You know that I'll be back one day
I'll be there
The morning of a brand new day
meet you there

With dreamers of a different world
surrounded by eternal love
In peace with perfect harmony
Thw dawn of age of Gold

Sailing to an open sea
I'm finally free

I am rising to the sky
like a sparkle in the night
across the sea
through the space and time
I see the the light

I came from another world
I've seen the light through darkness
Sparkle out of black hole
the joy out of sadness
I am the cosmic soul
the fire of every spirit
Trust me when I say these words
I've seen another living

everything goes in circles..

you have to save your soul
free your mind and breakout
find a place to call home
find your way and breath out
feel this spiritual love
the cosmic soul inside you
come out of black hole
ride the spiral, and fly

everything goes in circles...
Track Name: For the Innocent
A song for the innocent
carriers of the light
for all the deviants
creatures of the night

for all the immigrants of life
all the underdogs
here's to the wanderers of mind
dreamers of new world

i will follow you to the end of the world
we will finally come to the age of gold

we will stand against all wrong
with all the strenght we 've got
and if we stand together as one
we will overcome

i will follow you to the end of the world
we will finally come to the age of gold

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